Project C-90 Ultimate Audio Tape Guide

Super guide to all or most cassettes ever manufactured:

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“Philips – the Dutch electronics company, invented and released the first audio compact-cassette in 1962. Previous to this time, the only way of recording voices or music was by reel-to-reel tape recorders. The cassette system came about as a way of increasing portability and not involving manual threading of sensitive and brittle tape. It needed too to be much more portable than vinyl records. Philips used high-quality 4mm polyester tape produced by BASF. Recording and playback was at a speed of 4,75cm/second. The following year, sales began in the US by the Norelco Carry-Corder dictation machine that used the new cassette tape. In the early years consumer demands for blank tape was totally unanticipated by Philips as the format was never really designed for personal home recording.”