Argeïphontes Lyre 6.11 : Audio, Video And Text Filters For Mac (Updated)

This Very Useful Application For Mac Not Only Sports The Most Bizarre User Interface I’ve Ever Seen but also has a combination of very well programmed effects for audio, video and text.   It is very hard to list the functions of this software other than it mangles anything that it comes into contact with.

One Of The Many User Interfaces

Another Interface

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Abstract Gallery Of Computer Wallpaper

Press Here To Enter The Caedes Abstract Wallpaper Collection. started out as a small gallery of fractal images hosted at my university. I think I was intrigued by the idea of automating an image gallery, and I was interested in learning a little perl programming. I also just happened to have acquired a rather large background image collection, so this desktop wallpaper index was a natural extension of these two interests. I also started making graphics around this time, although I have always had a nagging artistic bent.

I chose the name caedes as my online pseudonym because I needed a name for playing Unreal Tournament, and the meaning of caedes in Latin seemed rather appropriate. Determining the meaning of the name is left as an exercise for the reader.

There has been much discussion about the correct pronounciation of the name of the site. I must confess that I originally was pronouncing it incorrectly. I then learned a little more Latin and improved it somewhat, however it still wasn’t quite right. My current pronunciation of “caedes” is based on what I understand to be the ancient Roman version of Latin (which is different than the Catholic church’s Latin):