Using Visualizations for Music Discovery

From the abstract presented at ISMIR 2009:

As the world of online music grows, tools for helping people find new and interesting music in these extremely large collections become increasingly important. In this tutorial we look at one such tool that can be used to help people explore large music collections: information visualization. We survey the state-of-the-art in visualization for music discovery in commercial and research systems. Using numerous examples, we explore different algorithms and techniques that can be used to visualize large and complex music spaces, focusing on the advantages and the disadvantages of the various techniques. We investigate user factors that affect the usefulness of a visualization and we suggest possible areas of exploration for future research.

BPM Analysis Of Cold Fusion Guitar By The Echo Nest BPM Explorer

Cold Fusion Guitar Analysis

The Echo Nest BPM Explorer

Cold Fusion Guitar

From the Echo Nest Site: “This is an application that helps you find out whether a human or a machine is setting the tempo for your favorite music. To do this, this application generates a click plot that shows the deviations in tempo from the average over the course of a song. Songs that don’t stray too far from the average are likely to be using a click track or a drum machine to set the beat.”