MAX Demos For Music, Audio and MIDI Training-Excellent!

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I especially like this great MIDI tool/reference patch

National Science Foundation CCLI Grant
Linking Science, Art, and Practice Through Digital Sound
This project’s objective is to develop curricular material that explains the science and mathematics of digital sound in a way that makes their relationship to applications clear, using examples from theatre, movies, and music production. This is a collaborative project among computer science, education, and digital sound design professors at a liberal arts university and a performing arts conservatory.
The intention is to engage students’ interest in science by linking it more tightly to practice, including artistic applications. The vision is to draw more students to the study of computer science by means of its exciting connections with art and digital media.

:/ Great Max/MSP/Jitter Site

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Pascal Lesport is  a software developer and sound artist .

Born in France in 1970, he studied Mathematics and Music in Paris. He has been a professional sound designer/developer  since 1999, with extensive international experience in Europe, Asia , and the Middle East. While at IRCAM he started to focus on sound processing. He began to create music for films, softwares for installations and for musicians in the contempory and electronic scenes. While being actively involved in pushing forward the concept of real-time audio, video and streaming installations, he focused on real time 3D based applications and developed the 3L software.

Pascal is currently involved in software development and sound designing. He is also teaching real-time audio and video processing in universities .

Great Site! Thanks Pascal.