Generation Z : Forgotten History of the Soviet experimental Music of the Early 20th Century



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Exposition “Generation Z» devoted the forgotten history of the Soviet experimental music 1920-1930’s. It is part of the eponymous project Andrei Smirnov and Lubov Pchelkina dedicated generation committed in Russia in the early XX century grand turn in culture and arts.


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Magical Sound Machine: Exhibition Tells the Story of the Tone Generator, Tone Memory and Sound Transmission.

An exhibition of IMA Institute of Media Archaeology in the culture Hainburg in cooperation with the Technical Museum in Vienna.

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Neo-Bechstein-Flügel Sprechmaschine Mellotron Terpsiton Popov-Tisch Webster Wire Recorder Hönig Synthesizer Telharmonium II (Dynamophon) Sprechendes Papier Tragbares Schorinophon Rhythmikon Superpiano Nußbaumer–System Hammond E Akaphon Ultraphon Magnetophon AEG K4 Mixturtrautonium Subharchord II Theremin Ondes Martenot Magneton Welte-Mignon-Vorsetzer