An Anthology Of Chance Operations

This PDF is very interesting and difficult to place in any single category.  Here is a Wiki quote: “In 1961 Flynt coined the term concept art in the Neo-Dada, proto-Fluxus book An Anthology of Chance Operations (published by Jackson Mac Low and La Monte Young) that was released in 1963. An Anthology of Chance Operations contained seminal works by Fluxus artists such as Al HansenGeorge Brecht and Dick Higgins. Flynt’s concept art, he maintained, devolved from cognitive nihilism, from insights about the vulnerabilities of logic and mathematics. Drawing on an exclusively syntactical paradigm of logic and mathematics, concept art was meant jointly to supersede mathematics and the formalistic music then current in serious art music circles. Therefore, Flynt maintained, to merit the label concept art, a work had to be an object-critique of logic or mathematics or objective structure.” It has nothing to do withconcept art as the term is used to describe a form of illustration in the realm of the digital arts.”

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