MEAPsoft: A Program For Automatically Segmenting and Rearranging Music

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MEAPsoft works by (a) segmenting original audio up into individual beats or events, (b) calculating some features for each segment, and (c) matching or rearranging segments from one or more pieces to create a new piece of music.

MEAPsoft comes with a wide and increasing range of feature extraction routines, and algorithms for matching and rearranging the segments (called “composers”). MEAPsoft is written in Java, and makes it pretty easy to write your own feature extractors and composers.


Chavín de Huántar Archaeological Acoustics Project: Sound Of A 3000 Year Old Instrument


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“The Chavín de Huántar Archaeological Acoustics Project, part of the Chavín de Huántar Investigation and Conservation Project (Proyecto de Investigaciones y Conservación Chavín de Huántar, under the auspices of the Instituto Nacional de Cultura, Perú) seeks to explore the architectural and instrumental acoustics of Chavín de Huántar, a 3000-year old pre-Inca ceremonial center in the north-central sierra of Perú. The site complex includes an extensive network of labyrinthine corridors, shafts, and drains built of stone block, intact and primarily without post-period modification since the end of monumental construction around 600 B.C. The project has several aims: to measure, analyze, archive, and model the architectural and instrumental acoustics of Chavín, culminating in simulations for public interface and new archaeological research tools.”