Mandelbulber: 3D Fractal Software For Windows & Linux

A Great Piece Of Software, Many Thanks To Krzysztof Marczak

“Mandelbulber is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot fractals such as the Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D fractals like the Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, and Iterated Function Systems (IFS).

  • Completely free, GNU GPL licence
  • Runs under Windows and Linux (also 64-bit)
  • GUI in GTK+ environment
  • Complex 3D shading: hard shadows, ambient occlusion, environment mapping, fog, Depth of Field
  • Key-frame animation of all floating-point parameters”

Software Home Is Here: Mandelbulber

Here Is Something I Created Using This Great Software Package: