Caveman-A History Of Man In 65 Seconds

Press Here For Caveman:


“Boolab director Martin Allais created this ingenious spot for German TV channels ARD and ZDF portraying the history of mankind (or most of it) in just over 60 seconds.

Inspired by prehistorical art and ancient cave paintings, the spot aims at promoting the channels’ wide information services, which is beautifully achieved by portraying key points of our history: prehistoric hunts, the fall of the Berlin wall and finally, globalization, while passing through the discovery of fire, the Golden Ratio, Da Vinci and even Nero along the way.

The project involved a lot of thinking to come up with such a condensed script as well as custom-made animation techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic. The whole package for ARD/ZDF also involves two 15″ teasers and a quite interesting interactive online game.”