Bug Bytes-Insect Sound Library & Database

Need a recording of a Reticulitermes flavipes (Eastern subterranean termite) and can’t find it?  Notice item D. “Termite head-banging” Maybe they hit heavy metal.

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A. Stored product insect movement and feeding sounds
B. Movement and feeding sounds of soil invertebrates
C. Defensive stridulation by soil insects (dung beetles)
D. Movement and feeding sounds of insects in wood.  Termite head-banging
E. Movement and feeding sounds of insects in plants
F. Buzzing of fruit flies, butterflies, moths, and mosquitoes
G. Fire ants, phorid flies, and their interactions
H. Cricket, katydid, and cicada sounds
I. Examples to distinguish insect sounds from background noise
More sounds: Iowa State Entomology Index, FindSounds.com