Acoustic And MIDI Composition

This book is written to address concerns encountered by the twenty-first century music composer, arranger, and producer. Developments in electronic music over the last 25 years have created a whole new world of possibilities for the consumer of commercial music and, as a result, a multitude of considerations for the modern musician and composer. Since the history in this area is still relatively young, the music industry consists of several types of music creators. There are traditionalists (usually the more seasoned ones) who had to learn the conventional methods of orchestration and how to function within the conventional means of recording. There are technology experts (most commonly the youngest members of our musical world) who most likely never had the chance to experience what it is like to arrange and hear a piece for live instruments. Some may have bypassed any formal musical education, utilizing instead their natural talents with computers and musical sound to create  original works. Finally, there are the ones who have blended both approaches successfully, creating musical art through whatever means necessary with the highest respect for the art‚Äôs esthetic as well as the client‚Äôs budget. As musicians who utilize both approaches in their creation of music, it is the objective of the authors to provide a concise and thoughtful method in each area in order to provide the reader with the knowledge necessary to function as a music creator in the twenty-first century. Since 1983, the world of MIDI has continued to develop and redefine the possibilities within the process of creating music. The advent of digital audio sequencers and recorders/editors in the late 1990s has increased even further the possibilities that are available to the modern composer. These technological developments have created the need to adapt in accordance with the expectations and convenience of the consumer. Today‚Äôs commercial composer most likely will need to incorporate the use of electronic instruments in the form of samplers and/or synthesizers to create commercial soundtracks.