Visualization Of Bach BWV 772 MIDI File

This is the second day of experimenting with visualization of MIDI files. I have little background in programming languages and databases so I decided to search the internet pipes for an application or applications that would be easy to use (everything is relative) and would have the possibility or generating some hopefully meaningful visualizations of MIDI files. I’ve searched on and off for years hoping that I could just download and install some useful program that would allow me to analyize and visualize MIDI files. Something more than a pretty picture. Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for so I’m starting on this quest to hopefully find something that works for me. This weekend I discovered an application called Cytoscape. This powerful Open Source, Platform Independent JAVA app is what I’m trying first. The data that I am using is Bach’s famous Invention #1 In C Major. BWV 772. So now as I enter the world of CSV, Nodes, Edges, GML and SIFS I’ll try to keep my head above water and do something hopefully interesting and informative. Here is my first jpeg export:
Cytoscape Analysis Of Bach Invension #1 In C, BWV 772
I’m a newbie at all of this. Suggestions and/or comments would be welcome and helpful.